4th Of July

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE! We hope your 4th of July went well. Little girl had so much fun playing with all her friends. I didn’t really get to take many pictures, but we did take pictures of her hair for 4th of July. We did a knotted hairstyle and accessorized her hair with her firecracker headband made by LILI’S RIBBON CREATIONS. 


Silly Girl!

Hey guys! So today’s post has nothing to do with fashion or hairstyles. I just got a new phone yesterday and I am in love with it so far. I’m looking through my phone and I go to my gallery, little girl already blessed my phone with 110 pictures of just herself. Yes, you read that number correct 110. 


Firecracker Headband!

It’s been a while since we posted something, but I challenged myself to TRY and blog everyday for 100 days. Today is day 1. So during this week little girl received a new pack from LILI’S RIBBON CREATIONS. Little girl call it her firecracker headband. It’s pretty awesome she named her headband that because this headband is actually for 4th of July. In her words this headband is PERFECT. Checkout her Instagram page @maddynbree and watch her opening her package. She makes my heart melt everytime.


D.I.Y Fringe Shirt

Since the kids are out of school I haven’t had a lot of time on my hands, but one day my kids and I was watching netflix and for some reason I just got so bored. I decided to look at the latest trends on Youtube. I realize that the fringe or “cut out” style was done a long time ago, but it’s a style that will always remain in style. I’m going to tell you the steps on how to do it.

Things you need:

1. Old shirt

2. Sharp scissors/ Shear scissors

3. Ruler (optional)

4. Fabric marker/ chalk/ pen

How to do it:

  1. Put your shirt on and mark where you want to start the fringe.Use your ruler to make straighter lines.  The markings that you make will be vertical lines on the bottom half of the shirt. Or you could make your markings a little more than half of the shirt. It depends if you want to show your stomach or not. Make sure you make the same markings in the back of your shirt also.
  2. After you made your markings on your shirt and you figured out how long you want you strings cut the bottom hem off your shirt. Make sure you cut above the stitches.
  3. Cut the sides of your shirt to where your fringe is going to start. Then start cutting your lines to where the fringe starts.
  4. When you are done cutting, stretch and  knot your strips. Grab two neighbor strips and and knot your fringe strips about an inch down from where your fringe starts. Do this to all your fringe strings


Instead of tying the neighbor strings together I knotted one string at a time. I will definitely do this again, but next time a video. So keep an eye out for that post!


Surprise Bows

On this day we decided to go to the pool because where we live we are in the middle of a heat wave. I got an alert from my phone from USPS saying that I have a package in my mail box. After relaxing and having some fun in the pool, we checked the mail and we received a package from ELLAS BOWS 16 . When we ordered the bows I thought we was only getting 2-3 bows, but little girl ended up with 5 new bows. We didn’t know what kind of bows we were getting because we ordered the surprise bow set. Let’s just say ELLAS BOWS 16 never seem to fail her. She is so in love with her bows.


Heart Shape Braid!

Little girl loves to dress up no matter where we go. We were only going to the laundry mat and she wanted to wear this awesome maroon dress with her black combat shoes. I know she ALWAYS wear these shoes, but its her favorite so far. I was too lazy to do her hair so I was just going to brush her hair have her hair down, but you guys already know little girl said “Mommy I wanna do my hair. Make it like a heart. I have to look good.”  Obviously I gave in and did her hair. Here’s her results.


Rebel Ballerina With A Crown Braid

Little girl loves her tutus. She decided to style herself as “rebel ballerina.” She threw on a black tank top with her sparkly tutu with her combat boots. She said she felt like a “ballerina” and ballerinas deserve to have a princess crown.

At first I did a full braided crown. I started to dutch braid her hair from the middle of her head on the side(idk if that made sense) ,and work my way around her head, bobby pinned the ending of her hair into the crown, and lastly accessorized it with this beautiful ivory color and blue pearled hair clip made by: LILI’S RIBBON CREATION. 

Then she said “No mommy! I want some hair done.” So I took out the bottom half of her braid and braided just the top half of her head and finished off the crown. She was in love with it. lol I seriously need to start a youtube channel. Its harder to explain. Would you guys help and subscribe to us if we started one? Let me know down below.


Graduation Day!

It’s GRADUATION SEASON! Little girl had her very own graduation ceremony for preschool and she’s moving on to kindergarten! As a parent, I’m super excited. I was more proud of how she dressed herself. The night before she asked if she could make her hair curly. I don’t really like to put heat on her hair, so the night before I put coconut oil in her hair, sectioned her hair, and braided each section. She had her like that overnight. The next day I took her braids out and lightly brushed through her hair and ended up with this.

I can’t help but to be proud of my little fashionista!


Casual Day!

This style is more me. Little Girl loves to be a little girly girl, but she has her days where she wants to use some casual wear. She calls it her “street” wear even though it’s just casual.

Styled by HER: NY hat with black leggings/ camo jeggings, black tank top, with some combat boots. Yes, she’s my little photogenic baby!



Hair Bow Crazy!

Little girl got into hair bow clips because she watches hair tutorials on Youtube. So I decided to try and make her be  a brand enthusiast for hair bows. Well, after a few days of searching on Instagram we found not only one, but two shops that accepted her as their brand enthusiast. LILI’S RIBBON CREATION and  ELLA’S BOWS 16 hand make their bows. Little girl enjoys wearing them every single day.

Out of all the bows she has you will ALWAYS catch her wearing these 4 out of all 9 bows. If you want your very own custom made hair bow clips LILI’S RIBBON CREATIONS. ELLA’S BOWS 16.